Potential generative AI

How to use the Potential of Generative AI in B2B Business

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made fantastic progress in recent years and is increasingly influencing various aspects of our lives. But how to use it in the business world?

Even before ChatGPT, there were impressive generative AI models. For example, AI entered our everyday lives in 2011 with Apple's "Siri" launch. Also, in 2011, the computer program "Watson" beat human players in an American quiz show. Watson proved that it understands natural language and can answer complex questions quickly.

However, generative AI applications such as ChatGPT have influenced people's imaginations of what AI can do in a way other systems have not. That is probably due to its broad and straightforward applicability - almost anyone can use it to communicate and be creative.
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Ist KI gefährlich

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) dangerous?


As with any new technology, there will be experts that are for and against it.

Today, we’ll explore the subject of artificial intelligence more fully. What concerns are there in relation to AI?
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Autonome KI

Autonomous AI - when does the computer bear responsibility for errors?

Artificial intelligence is taking over more and more tasks in companies. But what if they make a mistake? Who can be held responsible for it?

We explain how autonomy and responsibility are related and what this means for you and your company when implementing AI.

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Robot Psychology: How do Humans react to Robots?

In this article, you will learn what "robot psychology" is, how people react to robot technology, and how anthropomorphism plays a role.

Almost in slow motion and deliberately, as if it had been deep in thought, it lifts its head and opens its eyelids. Brightly awake eyes in crystal blue are revealed. They are kindly turned towards their counterpart, just like its face, whose forms stand out discreetly against a snow-white sheen. But it is the facial expression, the intense inquisitive look on its face, that makes this creature truly fascinating. It bends its head towards its creator in a seemingly loving manner and asks him in a velvety voice about the events of the world and the meaning of its existence.

"NS-5" - a fictional humanoid robot type in the science fiction movie "I, Robot" (2004) - is the only robot in this story to have an additional central processing unit for emotions in addition to its logical central processing unit. But NS-5 has yet to learn how to deal with emotions properly, how to classify and understand them...
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Grosshandel im Wandel | Umsatzrentabilität

Wholesale in Transition: Maximising Sales Profitability through AI Measures

How AI and predictive sales software can help you sell more products and adjust your prices faster than your competitors.

Congratulations! As a sales manager or managing director of a specialised wholesaler in Germany, you have made it this far - a year of intense competition, increasing customer demands and a market that is turning faster than ever before.

The last year has not only made you older, but also wiser about the challenges and opportunities in wholesale.

Perhaps you are one of the few who have sold more in 2023? But at what price? And what fixed costs do you have to bear for the growth of recent years?

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künstliche Intelligenz und Predictive Analytics im b2b vertrieb

How can AI be used in pricing strategy in B2B? Study: Artificial Intelligence versus Human-based

To further explore the potential of automating the B2B salesperson’s pricing decisions.

You'll learn the results of a field experiment conducted by Yael Karlinsky-Shichor (School of Business at Northeastern) and Oded Netzer (Columbia University) to explore "Who makes better pricing decisions in B2B settings - humans or machines?"

We now know that algorithms and artificial intelligence are part of our daily lives. The general trust in systems like Google Maps is relatively high when looking at the number of users utilizing the platform.

Nevertheless, it often happens that we see a route suggestion that causes us to frown and think, "That seems weird to me. I don't think that's right."

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Correlation does not equal causality - KPIs in Sales

Watch your step! Sales managers and managing directors in B2B confuse correlation and causality.

Data-based decisions in sales are not always ad-hoc better than intuition. The reason for this is the frequent confusion between the terms causality and correlation.

How nice it would be if managing directors or sales executives regularly knew why something happened. Why individual customers churn; why one product does not sell well or sells more than others; why in the end a promising sales lead does not become a customer, regardless of how good our salespeople are.

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Künstliche Intelligenz im Vertrieb | Qymatix News

AI in sales gains momentum: Qymatix Experts Fully Booked in November


Karlsruhe, 07.12.2023. The topic "Artificial Intelligence in Sales" is becoming more and more popular! In the last few weeks alone, Lucas Pedretti, CEO of Qymatix Solutions GmbH, has been a guest speaker at four exciting events:

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Intelligente Preisgestaltung | Predictive Pricing Wholesale

Intelligent, Predictive Pricing: the Key to B2B Wholesale Success


Digitalisation is a blessing and a curse, an opportunity, and a threat. Nearly 900 German wholesale companies took part in a recent study by Roland Berger and the German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services Association (BGA). Almost all of them, 94%, believe that digitalisation is driving change in their sector. Two-thirds are aware of the challenges it poses.

In particular, the companies surveyed see themselves threatened by digital platforms when it comes to pricing (62%).

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Zahlen über Künstliche Intelligenz in B2B-Unternehmen

Artificial Intelligence in German B2B Companies - What do the Figures tell us?

Especially since the launch of ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in Germany has experienced another substantial boost. But what do the numbers say?

In this article, we look at the current usage of AI in German B2B companies, with a particular focus on B2B wholesale. We also look at what companies already using AI are reporting: What are their experiences?

Finally, we look at surveys that explore the assessment of the future importance of AI for B2B companies.

Let's get started!

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