Qymatix Solutions GmbH is an international software company based in Karlsruhe, Germany, developing a new generation of sales analytics. Qymatix has developed a unique cloud technology that combines both specific data models for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and HTML5 data visualisation for ERP systems. Qymatix SaaS predictive sales analytics enables sales leaders in B2B enterprises to efficiently undertake the most successful sales action plans, based on deep ERP data mining.

7 Reasons to Choose Qymatix

Great potential in a growing market;

Distinctive customer benefits with unique features;

Substantial technological advantage;

Innovative and scalable business model;

High potential for globalisation;

Strong entrepreneurial spirit of the founding team;

CEO with 20 years of experience in the target market.

Our Mission:

Qymatix mission is to provide decision-making acceleration tools for sales managers of mid-size companies through an easy and intuitive user experience based on solid and innovative web technologies.

Your Contact

Lucas Pedretti – Co-founder & CEO

20 years of experience in management positions in marketing and sales worldwide, among others Festo AG, Belden Inc. and Omron Electronics.

“Predictive Sales Analytics is the future of sales in B2B. Do not miss out.”