Intelligente Preisgestaltung | Predictive Pricing Wholesale

Intelligent, Predictive Pricing: the Key to B2B Wholesale Success


Digitalisation is a blessing and a curse, an opportunity, and a threat. Nearly 900 German wholesale companies took part in a recent study by Roland Berger and the German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services Association (BGA). Almost all of them, 94%, believe that digitalisation is driving change in their sector. Two-thirds are aware of the challenges it poses.

In particular, the companies surveyed see themselves threatened by digital platforms when it comes to pricing (62%).

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sap preispolitik automatisieren

Artificial Intelligence in SAP R3, ECC and HANA

The differences between SAP R3 and S4 HANA - and how SAP automates pricing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly developing field that has the potential to revolutionise B2B sales. One of the companies at the forefront of AI adoption is SAP, a global software corporation that provides enterprise software (ERP) to manage business operations and customer relations.

In this blog post, we will explore the role of AI in SAP's products and services and discuss how the company uses AI to automate pricing and sales analytics.
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The Art of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Sales

AI in B2B sales: How exactly can B2B companies use Artificial Intelligence to support their sales?

The applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are very diverse. It is not without reason that big players such as Apple, Facebook, Google or Samsung pour billions in the development of new AI technologies.

The management consultancy KPMG estimates that global AI investments will increase from twelve billion US dollars (2018) to 232 billion by 2025.

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AI in b2b sales

Where AI already Supports Sales Today

Learn seven practical use cases where artificial intelligence is already supporting sales today.

More and more companies are using AI to streamline processes in sales and hand over unpleasant tasks to algorithms. AI is therefore assistance for sales without making employees obsolete.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is radically changing the way sales works. This primarily refers to sales processes under the influence of AI tools that make the work of sales employees easier, optimize operations and take away tasks that are perhaps not so readily done.
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Pricing Analysis in Excel: Make A Price Corridor in Three Simple Steps

This article describes a step-by-step introduction to price corridor analysis with Excel.

You will learn the meaning of a price corridor and how to create a price corridor in Excel from a list of sales transactions in your ERP system.

Let us disclosure that our software uses AI-based data mining methods to present a B2B pricing strategy to Key Account Managers. Based on these data mining algorithms and techniques, we would like to discuss how any sales representative can create a price corridor for predictive analysis using Excel.

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Dynamic Pricing Wholesale

Is Dynamic Pricing Optimization in B2B Wholesale Financeable?


Wholesale market leaders are investing a lot of resources and expertise in advanced AI technologies for pricing optimization to set their prices dynamically. How can medium-sized wholesale companies also benefit from dynamic pricing?

Optimizing pricing in B2B wholesale is a big topic. No wonder pricing has the greatest leverage on margins. In our private lives, we have all had experiences with dynamic pricing. For example, at peak times, Amazon changes some product prices up to 70 times a week.

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