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The History and Downfall of a German Wholesale Company "Wollschläger" - Part 1

What are the lessons learned from the history of one of the largest wholesale companies from Germany that went down? This is part one of the extremely interesting history of the Wollschläger Group.

How one of the biggest German industrial distributors went down – 79 Years of the Wollschläger Group.

In 1961, a 14-year-old ambitious young individual, Frank, sat alone in a car near an industrial building. He was cold. The region around Bochum is chilly in winter, with temperatures below 5°C on average. Coming from Gdańsk (Danzig in German) two years ago, he was now waiting for his father.

Heinz Wollschläger, was a successful company founder and businessman visiting a new customer. He had founded his company in 1937, before Frank was born, in Danzig, close to the former Poland border. Like many entrepreneurs, his story began in a garage.

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Großhandel Eigenmarke B2B

Establishing Private Labels in the Wholesale sector: This is What Matters

The development of a private label can mean additional sales potential for wholesalers. But before this can happen, a few basic considerations are needed to ensure that the private label brand does not remain a slow seller.

When wholesalers decide to develop their own brand and include it in their product portfolio, they do so to differentiate themselves from the manufacturing industry. Their own brand or private label is then generally a product or a product range that the wholesaler offers under its own brand name and thus competes with branded products.

These private label products are usually cheaper than branded products because third-party products are more expensive to buy due to the manufacturers' additional sales and marketing costs.

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Artificial Intelligence in B2B Wholesale

Artificial intelligence in Retail - What can Wholesale Learn from Retail?

How is artificial intelligence (AI) being used in retail and what can wholesalers take away from it?

In this post, I will describe a real-world example of a case in the realm of artificial intelligence in B2C retail. You will learn about the opportunities and challenges that were encountered when using AI systems.

Of course, it is particularly interesting to see which factors can be transferred to B2B wholesale.

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