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How to be successful in sales

In this article, you will learn the top seven traits and characteristics to succeed in sales.

Let's jump right into the topic and clear up some prejudices about salespeople.

Specific skills, attributes, and technical support are required by companies to be successful in sales.

We'll now go through the top seven features and discuss each in depth below.

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Kunden im B2B klassifizieren - ABC-Analyse und dann?

Classifying Customers in B2B Sales: ABC Analysis and Then?

Joachim Meyn has many years of experience in B2B sales and customer management. In this article, he shares his expertise on "modern customer classification".

Classifying customers and potential customers is always a topic for heated discussions. Mostly, there is an agreement that sales teams can only look after some customers and potential customers with the same intensity.

To achieve the best possible results, it is, therefore, necessary to focus accordingly, i.e., to classify customers and potential customers, in short, to be selective.
The best-known form of classification, which has been tried and tested for decades, is the division of customers into A, B or C customers.

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Win Back lost customers in B2B

How to Win Back Lost Customers in B2B

Joachim Meyn has many years of experience in B2B sales and customer management. In this article, he shares his impressions on the topic of "customer recovery".

First of all, losing customers is an entirely normal process. Therefore, one of the reasons to conduct systematic new customer acquisition is to replace these departing customers.

However, you should remember that it is about 10 to 11 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. It is therefore advisable to devote a certain amount of effort and resources to customer retention. But what happens when it is already too late?

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New Technologies in Sales Mistakes

Five Mistakes in the Implementation of New Technologies (AI) in Sales

Introducing new technologies for B2B sales is not always easy. In this article, you will learn which mistakes you should avoid.

Joachim Meyn has many years of experience in B2B sales and has managed many projects in the area of CRM implementation. The following five mistakes when implementing new technologies are based on his experience.

This article is closely linked to my article on the acceptance of new technologies in sales.

This article applies not only to introducing new technologies in sales but also to introducing significant innovations or restructurings in all departments. In many companies, such processes run pretty smoothly, while in others, problems are on all fronts, and resistance is forming everywhere.

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How To Achieve Acceptance of New Technologies in Sales?

Joachim Meyn worked in sales for many years and reports here on his experiences and learnings about the introduction and acceptance of new technologies in this area.

From the title, one could now deduce that sales has a problem with the acceptance of new technologies. But, new technologies and innovations are not accepted differently in sales than in other areas of the company.

In general, however, it must be considered here that Germany - like Austria - generally belongs to the so-called "late adopters.” In other words, new ideas and/or technologies/innovation are generally adopted more slowly and later than, for example, in the Anglo-Saxon countries. One can also say "when the whole thing has matured".
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Artificial Intelligence in a Salesman of Construction Machinery

Artificial Intelligence in a Construction Machinery Company

Artificial intelligence technology can be used in a wide variety of areas. In this article, you will learn how AI was used in a mechanical engineering company.

I've already written a few posts on this blog about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sales. Simply a fascinating topic for an old sales hand like me who has worked with several different CRM systems as well as sold AI systems.

For someone in sales, the area of predictive analytics is particularly interesting - an AI is able to predict sales opportunities. That's why I report on a specific case study below.
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Artificial Intelligence in B2B Wholesale

Artificial intelligence in Retail - What can Wholesale Learn from Retail?

How is artificial intelligence (AI) being used in retail and what can wholesalers take away from it?

In this post, I will describe a real-world example of a case in the realm of artificial intelligence in B2C retail. You will learn about the opportunities and challenges that were encountered when using AI systems.

Of course, it is particularly interesting to see which factors can be transferred to B2B wholesale.

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Why a CRM System with Predictive Sales Analytics and AI?

CRM and Sales Analytics: In this article, you will learn what you can expect from a CRM system with artificial intelligence.

Using CRM systems have long been a common practice in large companies today, even if not always successfully implemented. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often still have some catching up to do.

Meanwhile, the next expansion stage has long been underway. Predictive sales analytics/artificial intelligence (AI) is being added to the CRM systems.

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Cooperation between Sales and Telephonemarketing

Cooperation Between Sales and Telemarketing

What does optimal cooperation between field sales and telemarketing look like? Is it still possible today?

In this article, you will learn about the nine important conditions for telemarketing and field sales to work together optimally.

The following conditions for good cooperation apply to external telemarketing agencies, freelancers in the field, and internal departments alike.

But now to some structural explanations:

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How to measure sales success correctly

That is a topic that is on the table repeatedly in almost every company and every sales organization and often leads to considerable disputes. It is also a topic that can frequently lead to the demotivation or churn of sales staff.

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