Pricing Analysis in Excel: Make A Price Corridor in Three Simple Steps

This article describes a step-by-step introduction to price corridor analysis with Excel.

You will learn the meaning of a price corridor and how to create a price corridor in Excel from a list of sales transactions in your ERP system.

Let us disclosure that our software uses AI-based data mining methods to present a B2B pricing strategy to Key Account Managers. Based on these data mining algorithms and techniques, we would like to discuss how any sales representative can create a price corridor for predictive analysis using Excel.

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Predictive Sales Analytics Excell

Predictive Sales Analytics in Excel? Yes, you could!

How to do predictive analysis in Excel: One Useful Example of Predictive Sales Analytics & Predictive Modeling in Excel

One of the critical tasks of a sales manager is to timely identify which opportunities have better chances of closing and what makes a “good” sales opportunity. Getting this job right is the essence of successful sales planning.

Key Account Managers in B2B typically serve hundreds of customers and oversee dozens of new and existing sales opportunities. They have limited time and represent one of the most valuable resources any company can have.

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predictive sales software

Forecasting Individual Customer Lifetime Value: Why You Should Not Use External Data

There are two types of historical data to use for predictive analytics and sales forecasting: internal and external data. How to know which one to choose?

Making a forecast always requires planning under conditions of uncertainty. Successful sales executives plan and execute an accurate sales forecast using data. For an aggregated, precise sales plan, it is necessary to consider forecasting the individual customer lifetime of the client base.

There are different data sources that executives can use to forecast sales. Some of them count for internal factors while others count for external factors.

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Warenkorbanalyse Excel mit einem apriori Algorithmus

Market Basket Analysis in Excel - Example for Cross-Selling in B2B

One Useful Example of Predictive Sales Analytics Using Excel

Cross-selling is the practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. Indeed, B2B companies define cross-selling in general and cross-selling analytics in particular, in many ways and with many names. One common naming used in retail or distribution is “market-basket-analytics”.

Most of us are familiar with cross-selling from our experience as online consumers. “Customers that bought X also bought Y” or “related products”. E-commerce websites make product suggestions based on a market basket analysis. The list of the possible suggestions is also known as “associating rules”. Marketing practitioners talk about “Buying Propensity”.

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