Onlinekurs Predicting Cross- & Up-Selling

How to Realise Sales Potential with Cross- & Up-Selling in B2B Sales.


Cross-selling (also known as cross-selling) the sale of an additional product or service to an existing customer. Targeted and individually adapted to the needs of the customer, cross-selling increases customer satisfaction and is a service-oriented way to increase turnover.

"Cross-selling" offers a possibility to use internal synergy potentials and to open up rapid, attractive growth opportunities.
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Generate Extra Sales With Cross-Selling and Artificial Intelligence.

Qymatix Predictive Sales Software leverages customer data to make product recommendations that maximize Cross-selling conversion rates.

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Recommender Systems Nowadays

The Importance of Recommendation Systems Nowadays

How do recommendation systems work and why are they important for B2B companies?

In recent years, the rapid use of the internet has made it clear that it is the most popular for communication and product purchases. As a result, the amount of available digital information has been increased.

This situation has created the challenge of information overload which hinders timely access to items of interest on the Internet. Although the so-called information retrieval systems, such as Google, are a partial solution, these systems are unable to map available content to user’s interests and preferences.
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Artificial intelligence in B2B Sales. New Challenges – New Opportunities.

One interesting read about the use of artificial intelligence in B2B sales.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining relevance in Business-to-Business (B2B) sales. Research shows that investment in the development and integration of AI and, in particular, machine learning, technology is continuing to rise.

More money pours today into AI enterprise projects than ever before. Companies should try to avoid vagueness and lack of focus on their aims and expectations, to prevent the costly failure of their AI developments – too often a cause of failure.

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Predictive Sales Analytics Fragen Vertrieb

Predictive Sales Forecasting: Answers to 5 Questions of Salespeople

Why should we use predictive sales forecasts in sales? This article is aimed at anyone thinking of using AI for more efficient sales planning and sales management.

Every Saturday morning, Mr. Meier visits the magazine store around the corner to buy the weekend edition of his favourite newspaper. This has been going on for half a year now. The saleswoman knows Mr. Meier by now, and because he stops by every Saturday, she always addresses him with the same question as soon as he enters her store: "Good afternoon, Mr. Meier! The weekend edition, as usual?"

For Mr. Meier, buying his newspaper on the weekend has become a ritual. It's a pattern that repeats itself every week. The saleswoman has recognized this pattern and addresses Mr. Meier about it, almost automatically.

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Warenkorbanalyse Excel mit einem apriori Algorithmus

Market Basket Analysis in Excel - Example for Cross-Selling in B2B

One Useful Example of Predictive Sales Analytics Using Excel

Cross-selling is the practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. Indeed, B2B companies define cross-selling in general and cross-selling analytics in particular, in many ways and with many names. One common naming used in retail or distribution is “market-basket-analytics”.

Most of us are familiar with cross-selling from our experience as online consumers. “Customers that bought X also bought Y” or “related products”. E-commerce websites make product suggestions based on a market basket analysis. The list of the possible suggestions is also known as “associating rules”. Marketing practitioners talk about “Buying Propensity”.

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Five interesting Facts & Statistics About B2B Distribution


B2B Sales is changing because buyers are changing – mainly in the way they buy. Companies in B2B distribution are particularly affected by the changes in customer behaviour and their competitive environment. The shift in customer behaviour is the primary driven-factor behind the digitalisation of sales.

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Großhandel als nächstes OPfer des eCommerce

E-commerce trends: why German wholesalers are the next victim of e-commerce

B2B E-commerce in Germany keeps growing – good or bad news?

The Business-to-Business wholesale trade in Germany and the world has changed considerably over the last years and has proven to be exceptionally flexible. It is under a growing threat, nevertheless.

Several trends underpin its transformation. New forms of industrial distribution are emerging, and big manufacturers offering e-commerce are choking the middle-guy. Wholesalers are creating tangible value for their customers while providing new services, not only logistic ones.

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B2B Customer Journey Management

How to improve your B2B Customer Journey with Predictive Analytics

About the b2b Customer Journey Management and how Predictive Analytics can help.

Predictive analytics, customer-centric selling, and optimization of the customer journey (CJ) have long been part of everyday life in the B2C sector. In the B2B industry, things look somewhat different. First projects are starting, the theory has already been heard and understood - but there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the concrete implementation.

That is no wonder. There are some fundamental differences between the B2C and B2B sector. For example, business customers often have higher expectations of the business relationship. It is more important for salespeople to build a personal relationship with their customers and to know their customers.

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B2B E-commerce Analytics: Why Predictive Analytics is now critical

Predictive Analytics in B2B e-commerce has become decisive.

The sale of products and services via B2B platforms is on the rise. However, precisely because of the intense competition for comparable offers there, companies should automatically analyze their customer data to enable a personalized customer experience and identify churn risks.

For private consumers, buying online is ubiquitous. The Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sector is dominated by e-commerce platforms such as

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