Since this summer, Qymatix is offering an application programming interface (API). This is a library of queries that allows users to connect with Qymatix Sales Analytics tool.

The Qymatix REST API enables advanced users and developers to access Qymatix functions without having to login into the Qymatix web app. Using the API, users can get customers data and results of sales data analysis and indicators from its advanced sales analytics.

Qymatix reporting API provides access to the tabular data in Qymatix Sales Analytics standard reports. To access data and results, you need to create a query that specifies the profile (through a token) and the query you want to run.

Qymatix API for ERP Cloud Data

To get started with Qymatix API, you first need to be registered in Qymatix. Once registered and logged in, you can access the API from here.

Now users and developers can connect sales data from other enterprise resources planning systems (ERP).


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