This online document follows a systematic approach to sales reporting using our software. It includes analysing customers, products, and trends.

Qymatix Reporting Software makes the process of data analysis more efficient than ever. Select your parameters in any depth and any combination with just a few clicks and get a detailed analysis immediately. Now you can get the information you need at your fingertips – up to date and in a matter of seconds.

Not only the concept but also the methodology of Qymatix Reporting Software is unique. Combining analytical and visual presentation, the layer system, the forecast and the “Fast Path” technology make the Qymatix Reporting Software one of the most efficient and meaningful Sales Intelligence Solutions on the market.

Our guide includes real-world examples that will help you to accelerate your learning experience using sales analytics.

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Here is an overview of the topics and different types of sales reports covered in our documentation.

Download and Installation

Customer Analytics & Reports

Sales Performance & Goal Setting

Product’s Analytics


This online manual reflects the functionality of Qymatix Reporting Software Version 2.2.1. Variations may occur with more advanced versions of the tool.