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At this point, a little information about the cover picture: It was painted in 1891 by the British artist Alfred Sisley. The painting is called “Rue Eugène Moussoir at Moret: Winter”. The painting, with its nuanced color palette and skillfully executed brushstrokes, is one of several created by Sisley in the winter of 1891 in Moret, south of Paris. It depicts Rue Eugène Moussoir, just minutes from Sisley’s home. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s.

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1. Build a Price Corridor using B2B Pricing Analytics – Example

First Steps

Information about the painting: Vincent van Gogh, 1890. The image is called “First Steps” and is oriented to the artist Millet. Van Gogh, as a voluntary patient in the asylum of Saint-Rémy, painted twenty-one copies after Millet, an artist he greatly admired. He considered his copies as “translations”, similar to the way a musician interprets the work of a composer. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Article preview: Pricing Analytics in B2B: The Price Corridor.

Pricing policy decisions are of enormous importance for companies due to their straight impact on profits.
However, the targeted and systematic design of price management poses considerable challenges for companies in many different industries. This article gives an overview of one fundamental tool for price analytics: the price corridor.

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2. Customer Attrition in B2B: loyalty as a sales growth booster

View of the Seacoast near Wargemont in Normandy

Information about the picture: Auguste Renoir, 1880. The picture is called “View of the Seacoast near Wargemont in Normandy”. Renoir was fascinated by the view of the sea near the country home of his friend Paul Berard at Wargemont in northern France. He painted this scene outdoors, working quickly to capture the striking features of the landscape before the light conditions changed. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Article preview: Predictive analytics for customer retention plays a critical role to accelerate sales in Business-to-Business.

Building customer loyalty successfully and efficiently is what makes business-to-business companies thriving on the long-term. These market leaders actively engage in customer retention prediction. In the end, reliability lives from common purpose, and not from passive “wait and see”.

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3. B2B Sales Trends – What Really Matters

A Road in Louveciennes

Information about the painting: Auguste Renoir, 1870. The painting is called “A Road in Louveciennes”. This painting, which is in fact drawn directly with paint, was most likely executed outdoors around 1870. The setting is in the village of Louveciennes, west of Paris. At that time Renoir was staying nearby with his parents, who had retired to Voisins. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Article preview: What are essential trends in B2B sales and how to succeed in this flood of innovation?

B2B Sales is fighting an innovation race. Sales managers often have to decide whether they want to engage in a new “sales trend” or not. Which new sales channels should they consider? Which supporting IT programs implement? Which new methods are adopted and which are not?

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4. What type of B2B sales will still exist in 50 years?

Saint Anthony Reading

Information about the picture: Albrecht Dürer, 1519. The painting is called “Saint Anthony Reading”. Albrecht Dürer is a German artist who lived in Nuremberg 1471-1528. Quelle: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Article preview: Will sales jobs still exist in fifty years from now? Will robots take over all sales jobs? How will artificial intelligence redefine sales management? What long-term influence does digitisation have on B2B sales?

To discuss the future of sales, let’s first present how companies made Business-to-Business sales 50 years ago and how it works today. Let’s then peep inside the crystal ball to see what sales (and marketing) can look like in the future.

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5. How to Define and Increase the Lifetime Value of your B2B Customers

Autumn Landscape with a Flock of Turkeys

Information about the painting: Jean-François Millet, 1872-1873. The painting is called “Autumn Landscape with a Flock of Turkeys”. On February 18, 1873, Millet wrote to his friend Frédéric Hartmann that he had almost completed this painting for the dealer Durand-Ruel: “It is a hill with a single, almost leafless tree that I have tried to place quite far back in the picture. The figures are a woman seen from behind and a couple of turkeys. I also tried to suggest the village in the background at a lower level.” The setting is near Barbizon, where Millet lived from 1849 until his death. The tower of the neighboring village of Chailly-en-Bière can be seen in the distance. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Article preview: Customer Lifetime Value Definition for B2B.

Sales and marketing B2B experts define customer lifetime value (CLV or often CLTV), lifetime value (LTV) or lifetime customer value (LCV) as the net profit attributed to the entire customer relationship. Sales practitioners usually referred to this value as predicted, yet it can also be a historical value.

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