Arten maschinelles Lernen | Types of machine learning

Types of machine learning (ML)

What is machine learning and what types of machine learning exist?

As part of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) is a subcategory interested in processing and learning from vast amounts of data. It does this to make predictions that can help performance improve around a specific goal. These goals could be around forecasting, associations, clusters, regression and more.

Today, we’ll review the different kinds of ML that exist, what they are best used for and any downsides to the algorithms in this 7-minute read.

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Applications of Machine Learning

Applications of Machine Learning in the Real World

Learn about four real-world applications of machine learning here.

When you travel to a new country, have you ever had to translate a word quickly? Or how about when you are sending a reply to an email using the Gmail application? Do you notice that there are recommendations of what to reply? The examples above make use of machine learning.

From computerized translators, to email recommendations, as well as movie suggestions on Netflix, to autonomous cars. All of this is possible due to machine learning. But what is machine learning?

Machine learning is a concept that falls under the category of artificial intelligence. It is the process by which computers change the way they perform tasks by learning from new data sets. In this process, algorithms mimic the way humans learn to gradually improve their accuracy.
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