Künstliche Intelligenz in der Arbeitswelt - ist Deutschland zu skeptisch?

Is Germany too Sceptical for Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace?

There is a prejudice that the working world in Germany is mainly fearful and skeptical of a future with artificial intelligence. Is that really a prejudice or a fact?

Are you familiar with the term "German Angst"? It describes the fact that people in Germany are very reserved and sceptical about change. Misgivings often characterize our actions, and since the term is used internationally, this "fear of change" is perceived to be much more pronounced in our nation than in other countries.

The term "German Angst" also comes up again and again in specialist discussions about the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of work. There is a prejudice that Germany approaches a future with AI mainly with fear and scepticism. AI visionaries and startups look longingly across the ocean toward the US because its attitudes seem more liberal, innovation-friendly and, not least, more spendy.
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Predictions by AI - Is Your Job in Danger?


Which Jobs Can be Taken Over by Artificial Intelligence?

We believe that the skills that mainly revolve around making predictions may be replaceable by machines. Is your job one of them? This blog article presents four implications of AI in the world of work, showing who needs to fear for their job and who can relax in the long run.

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