Telekom takes via the TechBoost Startup program the Qymatix Predictive Sales in offering for its business customers.

Karlsruhe, 03.12.2019. Qymatix Solutions GmbH is since 2013 helping B2B companies to increase customer lifetime value with big data analytics.

We are pleased to announce today that the Qymatix Predictive Sales Software is now in offering via the TechBoost Startup program of the Deutsche Telekom.

Sales Managers in mid-sized companies can trust the solid backing of the Telekom to support their digital innovation’s roadmap. The Qymatix Predictive Sales software works as a digital sales assistant or DSA for Telekom customers.

As a Telekom Customer, your company can now rely on Qymatix to bring Artificial Intelligence to your B2B Sales operations. You can now maximize your customer lifetime value and make your sales team more efficient.

Furthermore, in a few clicks, business users can now access to a list of predicted Next Best Actions, Opportunity & Retention suggestions, and Pricing analytics.

We are very proud and thankful to take part in this program. Write to us today if you want to know more about the Qymatix Predictive Sales Software and what it can do for you.


About Qymatix Solutions GmbH

Qymatix is an AI startup helping B2B companies transform sales data into insights that support profitable growth.

The artificial intelligence-based Qymatix Predictive Sales Software provides analytics for cross-selling, churn risk and pricing in traditional and digital channels.

Qymatix Solutions GmbH has developed a unique cloud technology that combines data models for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and HTML5 data visualisation for ERP and CRM Systems.

This advanced predictive sales analytics software enables sales managers in business-to-business to perform cross-selling, churn prevention and pricing analytics in one click.

About Telekom TechBoost:

TechBoost offers selected tech start-ups with a cloud-based business model and based in Germany the opportunity to use Telekom’s secure and high-performance infrastructure (Open Telekom Cloud) with a credit of up to €100,000. Furthermore, participants receive valuable sales and marketing support as well as discounts on fixed-line, mobile and broadband tariffs. The most promising participants of the programme have the chance to benefit from Telekom’s existing customer network.

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