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Sales Manager, Key Account Manager and Sales Controller are different positions in B2B sales. All three roles aim to advance sales and make it more efficient. Nevertheless, the requirements for a sales analysis are rather different.

Sales Manager

Your role is critical to the success of your business, but it is typically one of the least understood roles within a sales structure. Sales Managers play strictly a management and not a “super-salesperson” role and are responsible for critical decisions of hiring, coaching, controlling how your sales team performs, while engaging also in other strategic areas of their business.

In this role, you still need to help your sales team to spot opportunities with existing B2B customers.

You spend a significant proportion of your time meeting with your sales team, coaching your sales reps and making sure, they meet their sales quota.

In addition to that, you spend time with your team on the road, in joint sales calls and trade shows.

The remaining of your day is spent in sales reporting, analysing sales data with excel and communicating your sales results to your superiors.

You combine various software tools to do your daily job. You are relatively well versed in excel but lack formal data analysis ability. You might have a basic understanding of your ERP system and might be able to perform simple data downloads and reports.

You have championed inside your company to adopt a CRM system for sales calls and reporting. You are somewhat satisfied with this arrangement but acknowledge that is prone to mistakes and time-consuming.

In your role as sales manager, it is critical that you manage to increase revenues and reach your targets.

You are responsible for keeping your team fit and for offering valuable sales insights. You believe that your sales team should work more proactively than merely reactively and that your Key Account Managers should know every customer well.

You dislike when your competitors make the first move in your clients. You are looking for an innovative and trustworthy sales analytics tool that can help you find insights, such as low-hanging fruits, cross-selling and pricing analytics. You also need to prove tangible savings to your managers.

Key Account Manager (KAM)

Yours is one of the most critical roles for any organization. Your role offers long-term potential for achieving real revenue gains and maximizing retention of the most important company clients.

You plan weekly sales visits and calls to existing B2B customers. You need to find opportunities to grow. You know you can count on your sales manager and IT, but you also know that it can take days and yourself simply do not have the time.

You usually do not have a fixed routine and your week depends mostly on your customers and projects calls.

You spend some time each week with your sales manager, discussing client progress and sales quotas. You spent most of your time in sales calls, sales visits, trade shows and joint customers meetings. You also spend a significant part of your time filling sales results and preparing sales planning and reporting.

You have been working with Excel for most of your career. You might have a basic understanding of the ERP system and can complete simple sales reports, mainly related to pricing and logistic.

You have been probably forced to adopt a CRM system and, although you like it, you feel you are doing more than necessary. You would be happy to test any solution that saves you pain and time.

What is important to you? Helping your company, increasing your revenues, reaching your quotas and earning your well-deserved bonus. You never lose sight of your buyers, and you do your best to keep them happy.

You know your product and those of the competitors well.

You are not satisfied with the current sales reporting system, and you would like to simplify it. Sometimes you feel that ERP and CRM are unavoidable.

You are aware that you spend lots of time with Excel, but so far you have not been able to find a better way around.

Sales Controller

As a Sales Controller, your job is to watch and manage sales processes in your company. You strongly rely on your excellent communication skills and mathematical understanding. Besides, you might also be responsible for sales planning, sales controlling, and other related tasks in your company, particularly in finance.

As a controller, you must make sure that all sales processes and sales plans run smoothly and more efficiently.

You work together with the sales team to ensure they align quotas, forecast and plan so that you can rely on your financial outlook.

You might have a defined routine most of your week. In addition to your sales role, you might need to make sure that your company meet its production plans so that it can attain its desired financial results. You report to the highest levels of your organisation.

You have advanced knowledge data analysis, mainly using spreadsheets. You have been working with MS Excel for most of your career.

You own a deep understanding of the ERP system in your company and can execute advanced reports, mainly related to pricing, logistics and sales.

Of particular significance is the setting of ad-hoc business analysis and business intelligence projects.

You feel you have all the tools you need, but sometimes you would like the sales team to be more consistent with the reporting and forecasting.

You need to make sure that the sales team forwards sales quotas and forecast regularly and on time. You need to spot inaccuracies and inconsistencies as soon as possible.

You also might feel sometimes frustrated with unexpected additional sales reports from your managers.


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